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Affordable Consulting Services. That's what can provide for you. Whether your needs involve building a small database to bill your clients more efficiently or developing a large scale solution that involves 30 personal computers, we will provide you with quality solutions at affordable prices.
We can help you with:
(-)Purchasing essential software for your needs and install and configure it.
(-)Write custom client-tracking software that enables you to keep records of your clients and distributors/vendors to keep track of all of your affairs.
(-)Install ZenCart ( shopping cart) and load it with your data.
(-)Build your Website.
(-)Build and load your database(MySql),which could be used for reporting and tracking.
(-)Digital Marketing: including Email campaign.
(-)VBA coding for Excel Worksheet (match and search worksheet cells for values or cleanups)
(-)Build your logos .
(-)And perform many other tasks..... AFFORDABLY!
If you would like to speak to someone about our plans and rates, please CONTACT US
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