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We have been watching the leaders on how to design and attract ones wondering eye such as Jacob Nielsen and Marie Tahir (HOMEPAGE USABILITY) or Patrick McNeil (The Web designer's IDEA BOOK). Dallasmart.com has always valued and appreciated the value of "change" and "Design". Dallasmart.com strives to be one step ahead of the changing curve and promote the current trends. Dallasmart.com's cardinal rule is to Collaborate and listen to client. Dallasmart.com's Design includes 1- Responsive templates 2- Graphic Design 3- Database Design and 4-Scripting Functions and codes such as PHP, SQL and Microsoft VBA.

Shopping Cart

Dallasmart.com, is using ZenCart for shopping cart.Dallasmart.com can install and maintain the code. Dallasmart.com can Load the backend database for Zencart and maintain it with Updates and Photos. .

Digital Advertising

Dallasmart.com, can create custom Email Patterns and Templates to meet the client's need for Customer tracking and scoring such as Preferred customers and most visited Product. Dallasmart.com can generate a numeric number (Account Number) for Every Email which goes out to create a DATABASE for Emails that produce a result, i.e. Sales, Phone call, redeemed Coupons which can then be used for the NEXT round of campaigns.

Data load and Cleanups

Dallasmart has over 20 years of experience in scripting languages such as PHP, SQL, HTML5, Microsoft VBA and other complimentary scripting languages such CSS3. Dallasmart.com can create SQL scripts for DATA LOAD, INSERTS or DELETES (Clean-ups). Dallasmart.com, can create Microsoft VBA code to help Search and Match data in your EXECL Sheets, or Validate data or create a new one from TXT files.

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